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golden eagle in the Scottish Highlands

Scottish Raptor Study Groups
Information on Golden Eagle

For several years now Roy Dennis and others have been studying the dispersal of young golden eagles in Scotland. These birds take 4-5 years to come to breeding maturity and very little was known about their movements during these years, until recently. The satellite-tracking projects have revealed some fascinating ranging behaviour and provided a unique insight into how these eagles learn about their land.
The Highland Wildlife Foundation's tracking.
Golden Eagle Tracking blog

SNH Commissioned Report 193: A conservation framework for the golden eagle: implications for the conservation and management of golden eagles in Scotland.
Whitfield, D P, Fielding, A H, McLeod, D R A and Haworth, P F (2008)
SNH Commissioned Report 193. Available as pdf.

Classification of 6 golden eagle Special Protection Areas (SPA's)

BBC 20.10.2009
Eagles filmed hunting reindeer.


Raptor Persecution Scotland Blog

Some reading on golden eagles in Britain:
eagle library

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