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the mombasa roadshow


Remembering John Herlahey, Jane Kellett and Felix Delmer.


The Mombasa Roadshow was a loose drama collective, composed of assorted punks, artists, musicians and general misfits, mostly resident between Kentish Town and Kilburn.

In the spirit of Malcolm McLaren, Mary East had decided she could produce a livelier piece of Shakespeare with the people she met in her local laundrette, than the various professional theatre groups she'd been working with. And the rest is forgotten history. Well, not quite forgotten.

I saw Titus Andronicus from the audience, loved it and got involved. So I spent the course of the dada night sat on the stage drinking beer, reading a paper - and eating fish and chips at one point. Before delivering two killer lines after a Samurai beheaded a cabbage. Hm, you probably had to be there.

Various roles, acting or otherwise, followed; and finally Flamineo in the White Devil. That was fun of a sharp intensity. A high point of my life that felt dangerously seductive.

I still don't know why it was called the Mombasa Roadshow. It had no connection with Mombasa at all. But there has to be a reason. Surely.

Titus Andronicus

Abbey Community Centre?

The Dada Night

Kingsgate Hall

Bartholomew Fayre

Kingsgate Hall

Pantomime -

Kingsgate Hall

Review (seasons in the sun)

Kingsgate Hall

The White Devil

The Diorama, Camden

The Bacchae

The Diorama, Camden


From The Bacchae 1990

With best wishes to all you old colleagues. Let me know if I've got anything wrong. Or send me some more bits and pieces to add to the archive.