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A Birdsong Garden 2020

the garden as listening space through the changing seasons of a year

blackbird evensong

BBC Radio 3 The Essay August 24 - 28

After broadcast, available on BBC Sounds.

A series of five 14-minute episodes, mixing memoir, natural history, folklore, birdsong and spacious soundscapes, in which Geoff takes us through the seasons of the year, considering how living close to, and listening intently to nature can enrich our lives.

The lockdown through the spring of 2020 gave much space for reflection about life; and for wildlife sound recordist Geoff Sample an opportunity to review the five-year period spent in the remote and quiet Northumbrian home he sought out, to record and study the birdsong typical of a rural garden.

Presenter and Producer: Geoff Sample
Executive Producer: Clare Freeman
Commissioned for Culture in Quarantine, funded and supported by The Space Arts, BBC Arts and Arts Council England.

the bungalow in summer the bungalow in wintert

Set in the Vale of Whittingham, Northumberland in the period 1997-2002.

Ep1: May - the month of the Great Chorus.

Ep2: Summer in the Vale.

Ep3: Autumn winds and birds of passage.

Ep4: The winter flock.

Ep5: Full circle in the early spring.

view south of bungalow