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remote performances

Outlandia august 2014

curated by London Fieldworks & Ed Baxter

Outlandia broadcasting

Commission: to join a gathering of artists in Lochaber to create radio pieces in response to the Outlandia locale. Radio duties undertaken by Resonance104.4fm, steered by Ed Baxter. Broadcasts going out live from Outlandia between the 4th and 10th august 2014.

Outlandia arts retreat

1 & 2 untitled 3 mythologising

the studio

Remote 3: written on the morning of the 6th august (c.6 weeks before the Scottish independence Referendum) and first broadcast that afternoon.

craic & croon

The company was good. Good to be talking life for a change rather than out recording in solitude.

Tony White gave a charged performance of his stormbringer to a few of us - privileged.

the mountains performed

while the Hebrides smouldered

The remote performances collectile.