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songs of place & time

Birdsong and the Dawn Chorus in Natural History and the Arts

Eds Mike Collier, Bennett Hogg & John Strachan

Songs of Place and Time book cover

ISSUU online version here

Published in April 2021 by Gaia Projects in partnership with Art Editions North and Bath Spa University.
355 pages, large format, illustrated in colour.

A celebration of what it is to be alive and share our much more-than-human world with birds in their sheer exuberance of life at the dawn of the day. With photographs, essays, artwork and poems by thirty-seven contemporary ecologists, writers, artists, poets, academics and musicians.


Kate Rigby
David Borthwick
Rachel Mundy
John Bevis
Tim Birkhead
Jay Griffiths
Marcus Coates
Bernhard Malkmus
Linda France
Dave Pritchard
Andrew Richardson
James Castell
Jerry Loose
Michael Guida
Clara Dawson
Tim Collier
Harriet Tarlo
Anne Douglas
Geoff Sample
Katrina Porteous
Rachel Gefferie
Alex Lockwood
John Dempsey
Stephen Westerberg
Stephen Moss
Hollis Taylor
Paul Kessell-Holland
Stevie Wishart
Richard Smyth
Jake Morris-Campbell
Harriet Carter
Mike Collier
Bennett Hogg
John Strachan