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is the conduit for my field recording work - studies of wildlife and natural soundscapes.


The archive contains recordings from throughout Britain and selected locations around the rest of Europe made between 1992 and the present. The recordings are exclusively direct to digital, almost all with Sennheiser MKH series mics. Those from 1992 to 2005 were made to DAT tape and are 48k 16bit; those after June 2005 were made to file based recorders (mostly Sound Devices SD722) and are all 24bit and a mix of 48k and 96k.

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Basic details of the recording archive are contained in a set of databases.

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Primary details are in a series of notebooks, one set covering field recording sessions, and one set compiled on listening through the tapes back at base (DAT recordings 1992-2005). space notebooks extract space database extract space


We began as Wild at Heart in 1993 with the publication of Birdsong in Britain on CD, the first CD of British bird recordings as listening aesthetic - not an identification guide. Launched at The BirdFair in 1993 with a minimum of fuss.

With the decline of CD sales, download albums offer a more feasible alternative to publishing more particular site-based material.


We are happy to offer sounds for use by others. Clients include: BBC TV and radio, RSPB, BTO, SNH, the Guardian, HarperCollins, New Holland, David & Charles, Northumberland National Park, ...

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